Pashupati Nath Temple Gate Open/Close time for Devotees


Gate Information

4 am – 9:30 am Western gate open
9:30 am – 2 pm All four gates are open
2 pm – 4 pm All gates are closed
5:30 pm – 7 pm All four gates are open

NOTE: These are NOT main entrance gates. These are applicable if you want to pray
Source: Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT)

Bishesh Puja

S. No Types of Puja


Temple for Puja

NRS (Nepalese Currency)

INR (Indian Currency)

1 Panchmrit Puja 1,100 688 Shree Pashupatinath
2 Panchmrit Puja with Balbhog 2,100 1,313
3 Panchmrit Puja with

Rudrabhishek and Balbhog

5,100 3,188
4 Panchmrit Puja with

Laghurudrabhishek and


11,000 6,875
5 Panchmrit Puja with

Rudrabhishek, Purabhog &

One Hundred Twenty Five

Thousand Deep Aarati (Sawa

lakh batti)

27,000 16,875
6 Panchmrit Puja with

Purabhog, Hawan & One

Hunderd Twenty Five

Thousand Deep Aarati (Sawa

lakh batti)

56,000 35,000
7 Daily Nitya Puja with

Purabhog, participating with


156,000 97,500
8 Ekdiwasiya Maharudri 251,000 156,875
9 Ekadas Diwasiya Maharudri 800,001 500,001
10 Ekadas Diwasiya Atirudri 2,500,000 1,562,500
11 Dugdharpan 255 160 Shree Basuki Nath
12 Belpatra, Naibedya & Dugdharpan 505 316
13 Panchamrit Puja 1,100 688

Note: These are official rate and subject to change.

Our Extended Service

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