Difficult times

It was during pre – lockdown phases, when the rate of our room bookings cancelation at the hotel were increasing day by day. Our sales were getting low day by day, the movements of guests were decreasing day by day.

I could see the disappointment of our staff, team on the their faces, which was very natural. I was disappointed as well of the whole scenario as our season time was about to start. We all were excited about the season.

So, I called all the staff for an immediate stand up meeting, gathered them around in a circle. Discussed with them what is happening and explained them these all the consequences of the virus. I assured them that it was not because of us or our service or marketing, whole country and the world was facing the same. Lots of hotels were being closed down, staff were being sent off and this has affected not only the hotel industry but it had ripple effect on other industries as well.

I assured them we are planning what can we do forward and requested them not be disheartened and asked them to maintain the sincerity they always have. And to take care of their health and follow all the safety measures.

We eventually temporarily closed down even before the official lock down in consideration of the safety of all the staff and the people around the Pashupati community.

So let us hope this ends soon and we are back to our traveling.

Amul Baidya
Kailash Kuti Inn Hotel & Restaurant
Pashupati, Kathmandu

Devon Ke Dev
Mahadev Ki Jai Ho !!

Excellent experience of staying in Kailash Kuti Inn. Blessed by Lord Pashupatinath, hotel is receiving directly the affection of lord and also serving the customer with courteous staff, excellent cleanliness, excellent vegetarian food. Had the opportunity to stay in this hotel before going to Holy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra . Successfully completed the yatra with parikrama of Holy Mansarovar & Holy Kailash.
Again had the opportunity to stay here on return.
Great & good going. Stay bless and serve all.
Jagadish Borana
Banglore, India

A girl with CV.

A girl, in early 20s, with CV in her hand, comes in the hotel, asking if there is vacancy. It was around 1 pm.
We ask her to come in office, tell her to have some water and relax for a bit. She looked a bit tired. And why wouldn’t she? It was a pretty hot day.
We ask her the usual stuff, about her prior experience, her goals and why this industry?
We ask her about her family and where she is originally from. She tells her about her family, staying in a rented room and originally hailing from this far district.
She was confident, was clear and was able to explain her “why” for this industry.
After she left, I had this “Maya laagyo” feeling. And this is not in a bad way or pity kind of feeling at all. “Maya laagyo” in a sense, it is so difficult out there.
I tell my team member, “Dai, gaaro cha hai!”, I explain him that we have not seen that life or been there, carrying CV in hand , walking and searching for jobs in such hot weather, supporting family in such young age. With limited income and Kathmandu expenses. So much sacrifices.
There are so many such examples that regularly happen.
This made me feel humbler perhaps, more grateful of what I have and more importantly inspired to do better.
And yes, we did hire her 🙂
Amul Baidya

Love birds from Kolkata

I had to ask, which I did, “So, the love started at the bank?”.
As our guests were in process of checking out. I asked them, “Mam, are you working?”.
Mrs. Sarkar replied, with her Bengali accent, “No, we both are retired”. She started sharing that both were bankers at the same bank.
I had to ask, which I did, “So, the love started at the bank?”.
Mr. Sarkar, with big smile, chipped in, “No! No, from college!”
Mrs. Sarkar then started sharing her this amazing “to-be-destined” love story.
Though the couple were in their late 60s’, she had this vibrancy of a 20 year old. She said they both were born in the same hospital, college of same name (Mrs. Sarkar in girls’ college and Mr. Sarkar in all boys’ college). Mrs. Sarkar was amazed when she knew about this uncanny connection for the first time and even after all these years, it still does. When she applied in 3-4 banks, she was accepted in the bank where Mr. Sarkar was already working. Magic right?
Mrs. Sarkar was smiling throughout and so was I.
Mr. and Mrs. Sarkar had booked our Economic Deluxe room but they were just to0 sweet with their Bengali accent and gesture. Hence we upgraded them to our Pashupati View Room. When I showed them the room, they loved the view. View of Pashupatinath Temple from our room. They even bowed down and did a Namaskar from the window. They said they specifically came to Nepal to visit Pashupatinath Temple.
She asked me to come Kolkata someday, visit her home. May be one day.
My regret is, I was not able to take a picture with them, just so you how adorable they looked together.
Looking at them, some stories are meant to be.
– Amul Baidya
Kailash Kuti Inn

Review From “Kethrine“

“I recently travelled to Kathmandu and stayed at Kailash Kuti Inn with my son. The location of the hotel is a stone throw away from Pashupatinath temple which is very convenient particularly the intention of my travels was mainly on a spiritual journey. The vibration, positive energy and harmony generated from the grounds of the place are something one needs to experience for themselves. I can however assure you there will be NO regrets. I stayed there 16 days and was so sad to leave.

On my arrival I was greeted by the reception staff, Bikash & Raman who were ever so attentive to my requirements and always beaming ready to provide assistance and nothing was ever too difficult. The staff even arranged a trip to the spa for me before my journey back home to Australia.
The restaurant staff- Dilip who is known as “captain”, Krishna, serving staff and the “chief “ they provided excellent serves and quality meals. I being very particular with my menu requirements explained to Dilip just once and never had to explain to him or his staff again, every meal breakfast – dinner was excellent and not forgetting very delicious.

My interaction with management staff was amazing Amul, Mani & Anish who were ever so obliging always available in lending me a hand and making arrangements. Anish with his contacts managed to arrange my son & me a quick trip to Pokhara which was a great experience with wonderful memories.

Bhim and Radhka the housekeeping always smiling and happy to run little errand and keeping our room spotless and ensuring my laundry was back with us on daily bases.

Gauri, you will never be forgotten you are an amazing man an all-rounder who knows everything and everyone. My son & I want to thank you with our heart for arranging a Puja hawan for us and being with us from the moment we arrived. You are an inspiration to many your willingness to assist and please everyone is so grateful.

Finally to everyone, keeping doing what you’re doing you are an amazing crew .
and will recommend anyone out there intending to travel to Kathmandu that Kailash Kuti Inn is here you should call it a night.. amazing place .

Thank you for making my stay being so memorable“

– Kethrine

Review From “Sara“

“Choose Kailash Kuti Inn! You will not regret it! Staying in my room felts like im was in the temple and you can worshiped from the window! Very powerful place! Enviroment and energy when i woke up next day was so amazing! Felt so blessed💖

Workers were really really nice with me, even i came alone and i am foreign they could understand me and felt so caring. They work with the heart and give the best servicies, reception and restaurant aswell, always with a smile and friendly (smiley)
They let me to extend without problems, because initially i came for two days, felt so so good that i could not go hahahah so finally stayed there during all my time in Nepal.
Restaurant is simple amazing, food is the best i tasted in all Kathmandu! Any dish you order will be delicius! Lot of tourist and people around come inside to get lunch and so easy to interact with them! Raman and Vikas were very nice, very caring and never felt alone 😊

I am so greatful to all of them, please dont change hope you guys keep me a place to the next time💖“ – Sara Marzen

Chilly Garlic Naan

“For some reasons, this looked like pizza to me. But the taste and texture surely is unforgettable. Crisp, well buttered garlic naan with a little bit of spiciness is a must try at Kailash Kuti Inn.
Located near one of the major religious temples of Nepal i.e. Pashupatinath, this hotel only offers limited but pure vegetarian delicacies. Out of which this particular naan and their special Thali set, palak paneer, malai kofta stood out for me.“ – foodnommics


“Prolly one of the underrated thalis in town. I have a bad habit which is judging vegetarian dishes just because it’s vegetarian(I promise I won’t do that from now onwards).
It was beyond my expectations. I swear! The jeera rice was so fragrant, soft and had a salty taste to it. Accompanied by the luscious, thick gravy curries. I loved both the mix veggies and fried bhindi which had a hint of spiciness to it. The best part was palak paneer: Oh so creamy, buttery and melt in mouth. Tried malai kofta for the first time and still wondering why hadn’t I tried this before.🤷🏻‍♀️
They also have plain thali set but I chose this one since it had jeera rice in it. The ambiance here is perfect with a nice view of Pashupati Temple. Also, the menu is 100% vegetarian. @veggiedelightnp ypu have to visit here. All in all, I would definitely be back for this and would recommend each and every one to try this place out. Tag your vegetarian friends or you can visit here as well with your friends and family as well.“ – Foodnommics

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Our First 100% Booking !

On March 4, 2019, we had our first 100% booking. After 5 months of operation, we were able to do this.

We sometime had a booking fo 10%, sometime 60% and even sometime 90%, but never 100%. This would have not been possible without our hard working team – Service team, Housekeeping team, Security dais, Finance, Management team and our Front office team. Our team had to do do extra time to serve our guests.
We are super proud of them for understanding the limited resources and budget we have as we are in initial phase of operation.
This is for them, our small team.
We would like to thank our suppliers, partners for their constant support and of course big thank you to you for always believing in us.
It has been a long and difficult journey, but seeing guests smile makes it all worth it.
And to end this, just like there is more than Mount Everest and Buddha in Nepal, there is more than our Pashupatinath Temple in Pashupati. We have cultures, jatras, values, the people, the community here.
– Amul Baidya
Kailash Kuti Inn Family.
#KailashKutiInn #Pashupati #VisitNepal2020 #OurTeam

28th Anniversary with Kailash Kuti Inn

Mr Gulshan Tiwari had booked room for his brother and brother’s wife at our hotel. As he had mentioned it was 28th anniversary of the couple, we upgraded them to our most special – Pashupati View Room.

Mr. Gulshan wanted to do something special for them and we had to help him.
We organized a special candle light dinner at the rooftop of Kailash Kuti Inn with the view of Pashupatinath Temple and also decorated their room.
We wish them all the happiness in the world 🙂

Catering Service at Pashupati

There are many Puja that are performed in Pashupatinath Temple and the area such of Bratabandha, Lakhbatti, wedding, etc.
We wanted to be part of this culture. Hence, we decided to provide catering service to such people looking for the same. We provide 100% vegetarian service with promise to provide our service to full capacity.

Kailash Kuti Inn & Art of Living Collaboration

Art of living has been a pioneer in bringing Yoga culture in Nepal through their various programs such as Sr Sri Yoga, Happiness Program and such many more.

And we believe that such collaboration in the vicinity of Pashupati community with aura of Pashupatinath Temple would be great cultural development. We are sure that you will have a different experience.
We consistently organize such various programs. Please check our facebook page or this page for new programs to be done at Kailash Kuti Inn, Pashupati.

Shivaratri Puja at the rooftop of Kailash Kuti Inn

On the auspicious occasion of Maha ShivaratrI, our guests performed Shivaratri puja at rooftop of Kailash Kuti Inn, with the view of Pashupatinath Temple.

They had performed puja from 6 pm in the evening to 8 am the next morning.
It was amazing to seen them with such commitment and belief.
#ShivaRatri #Pashupati #KailashKutiInn #MahaShivaratri2019 #VisitNepal2020